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One of my favorite fabrics to work with is merino wool. Typically found in high-end base layer garments for adults, merino is amazing because of it’s temperature regulation, it’s odor resistance, it's UV protection and it’s incredible softness. These features make it the perfect fabric for baby pajamas that can be worn all day. 

When I set out to create pajamas for Sven, I quickly realized that merino wools are not all equal. The softness of merino is directly related to the thickness of each individual fiber used - this measurement is called microns. The lower the micron, the softer the garment. 

A human hair is around 75 microns. Standard merino used in adult and kids garments now typically comes in around 19-22 microns. Cashmere, one of the most expensive wools in the world, has a standard measurement of 16.5 microns.And Sven pajamas? 14.9 microns, a true Ultrafine merino.

If you're familiar with wool, you know that pilling (those little balls of fabric that appear in friction-prone areas) is fairly common. We couldn't accept that. Working with our spinner, we tested dozens of variations in the way we spun our wool to make it super durable while retaining that amazing softness. The result is a 100% organic, pill-resistant, machine-washable merino that's unbelievably soft and silky feeling. You truly have to feel it to understand. 

On top of the quality standards, we also have standards for the sheep that allow us to make these cozy little hugs. All of our wool comes from a single, family owned farm in Australia so we can ensure every ounce we use comes from well - loved sheep. Non-mulesing, fresh water and beautiful countryside to graze as they please - it's our way of saying thanks to our wooly friends for providing something so amazing.